Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Buddy System

Tristen and Shaner in their pool on the beach.

Read the sign behind them.... It was a cool store.

The Heathers.

Pre Shark fishing photo on the way out.

Last shots

All smiles at the Hard Rock 8-3-07

Arriving at the condo.

Shark Fishing

last meal.

Dinner at the DeadDog Saloon in Murrell's Inlet on night 1.

Day 2 at the beach, not to fried yet.

Day 3 at the beach. Shane was toasted on the first day even with sunscreen.

Sunday, August 12, 2007


Yes I know that is a gol' darn hot looking picture of me with my face contorted in pain but I had to document how hard I will working to bring in this shark! I had one on the line, and then Tim had one two so we are trying to reel in 2 at the same time, not cross lines. Chris finally had to put the camera down and come help hold the pole with me. I swear it took 20 min. to get that big girl in. I would reel it in then everything I did was gone when she took off. I was afraid I was going to go overboard. I hurt the next day in places I didn't know I could hurt, and my arms were sore.

Here she is the beautiful black tip, and it was the biggest shark of the day! Captain Shane (yep same name as our Shane) said it was about 6ft, and 100+ pounds. So taller than me, and almost weighed as much as me.

There she is again, gafted and coming up to the boat. This is for my sister>>>>>> See that hand there with the black watch band that is ME, I am touching the shark right behind its mouth. Holy cr*p! My legs and arms were like jello. YOu would have been so proud! Look at those teeth.

And yet another fine shot of the best shark of the day! :)

The Final Shark

Chris was the last one up for the final cast, he's trying not to puke.

Got one! and it was big but not bigger than mine :)
His last shark.

On the boat action

He is playing with my ponytail because he is scared ( that is what he does to calm down, or put himself to sleep since he was a baby) The boat was really rocking, just ask Chris who was seasick all day ( never puked but felt like doo doo).

Heather T and Tristan chilling in the fishing chairs.

My poor baby. This is what he did all day for the 6 hour trip after the first experience with a shark on the line. Oh yeah, and he puked all over 10 minutes before we got back to the dock.


Mommy says see my son cry! He loves to fish, yet here we are on a chartered boat in the middle of the ocean with very rocky waters, and a big ol' shark takes the line, and he SCREAMS. I mean screams. He was not happy. Chris had time to take 2 pictures then had to get him out of my lap to calm him down. After that he did not leave the cabin of the boat.

I am trying to hold onto him with my legs, get him to reel, and hold the pole. See how happy he is.

This is Tim and his son Tristan pulling in their first shark of the day

Here is it. SMILE

The Shark Fishing Adventure 7-31-07

All smiles with daddy on the way out to Gerogetown.

Getting the feel of the fishing chair....still all smiles ( yep there is a point to the smiles part...keep reading)

Sound asleep in Chris's lap on the fishing chair, not smiling but still happy.

Boogie Boarding

Looking for that perfect wave....

Here he comes riding it in with his eyes closed:)

Heather Tramel ( Tim's wife) Chris, Shane and Tristan out boogie boarding. I was on the shore safely away from all sharks.

How gol' darn cute is that baby boy! Love you buddy!

South Carolina July 28 thru August 4

Chris, Shane, Tim, Tristan on the beach on day 1 at the condo. Thanks Uncle Dick and Rory!
Yes...Chris wore his Tobey Keith hat the entire time, and yes he and Tim look alike, and act alike. Maybe they are long lost twins ??? :)

You all will really get a kick out of this......Heather and Shane, Heather and Tristan. Both wives with the name Heather. Had to come up with some interesting nicknames to distinguish which one they were talking to. Even Shane and Tristan look alike. Shane has the lifejacket on and Nija Turtle Shorts. Tristan is 9 Shane is 6..

Daddy and Shaner with taking Shane's first walk ever into the ocean. He LOVED it.

If I look scared I am scared. Normally this is the extent to which I venture into the ocean, however because Shane loved being in the water I actually had to go waist deep this year to be able to get to him incase something happened ( ok I mean in case there was a SHARK), because Shane didn't like to go out as far as Chris.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Garden of the Gods

Thank you Uncle Mike for taking this picture of us at the Garden of the Gods. This was before Shane got hot and grumpy! :)

Air show in Battle Creek on June 30th. It was HOT and sticky and Chris has 53 pounds crawling on his lap.

Caught not sleeping AGAIN. I hear him talking, tell him to go to sleep, he says "I am sleeping." I say, "I wouldn't hear your voice if you were sleeping." He says and I quote, "Seriously Mommy I am sleeping." So I take his picture to show him he isn't.

Game Day for Young 5's

This is my ever talented beautiful boy on game day on the last day of school. This is the Kangaroo Hop, and I only have this one picutre of it because I was laughing so hard! Notice his eyes are closed so he has NO idea where he is going or where the cone is,,yep he ran right over it!

Our Father's Day Adventure

Every year Chris's schedule has him instructing courses on Father's Day, every year since in the 15 years we have been together the army has him all day on Father's Day sometimes out of town. This year Shane and I went to Colorado over Father's Day since Chris was instructing BNOC and wouldn't be we had an early Father's Day celebration, anything he wanted to do..... we went fishing in the back woods ( and I mean in the back woods) of Ft Custer on June 10th.
It was HOT, the pollen was terrible, the horse flies were horrible, and my allergies were horrible. I ended up very sick by the end of the day but we did have a good time fishing :)
Shane caught 13 fish, I caught 7, and Chris caught like 5 but was in pursuit of a big bass all day, and busy baiting my hook, and removing fish. See I love to fish, but I wont bait the hook or remove the fish, otherwise I love it :)

Here's one of my big catches of the day, patiently waiting for my hubby to take it off the hook and throw it back.

Look at the bend in that line! That batman pole really brings 'em in:)

Wow! Look at that gorgeous man I found in the woods....oh yeah that's MY handsome outdoorsman husband! Love you baby!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Wedding photos

The newest generation of White cousins! Look at those eyes the "I'm trouble" gene must have been passed on....again:)

Aunt Sue and the lovely Miss Murphy

Aunt Claire and Deidre! It was so nice to see everyone!

All Dressed Up and Ready to Go 7-6-07

Handsome boy.

Looks a little like me.....maybe??????

Nope looks just like his daddy! Like the garbage can? That is my photo expertise! We were killing time in the hotel room before the wedding.

This is a picture Shane took of us, Pringle's can and sideways. What more can you ask for? He is practices with his spongebob camera. He loves to take photos, and has advanced to actually getting the heads on the people in the pictures !